Stainless Steel Cables and Tension Rods Systems

Brand: VILnox

Tension cable and tension Rod structures are used for giving a light weight duty look to the glass Façade. Different diameters are available for different load requirements. The length, diameter and fixing arrangements are provided by the requirements of the project specifications.



Material: Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Grades

Conditions for Use:

  1. Tension Rods/cables should not be bent or re-cut while in use.
  2. Anticorrosive measures should be taken when they are used in corrosive environment.



Accessories and odd fittings required for the entire structure can be production. Some of these parts are custom designed and made for specific projects. The material used depends on the specific requirements of the project or the application.


Balustrades and Canopies:

Balustrades and Canopies in a combination of glass and Stainless Steel have become an integral part of contemporary architectural designs for exterior and interior.



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