Movable Container Home, Hotel & Office Systems

Advantages of Container Office & House

  • Easy Delivery – Dimensions of container office & house are same as normal container, it can be delivered by normal container liner. Inland transportation at site will be handled easily also. Save cost + on time + inland transportation.
  • Long Service Life – The container office & house are made by high quality steel structure with weather + UV resistant painting on external surface. The service life of each container office can last for 10 years or more under normal services conditions.
  • Removable and Reusable – The container office & house can be removed very easily and reused at everywhere and anytime. The reused value of container office & house is very high compare with the normal brick work/ wooden house.
  • Flexibility – It is a pre-fabricated units, the client can infill their design in advance. Any kind of design can be done in advance.


The Project Reference

1) Student Dormitory


2) Container House Design


3) Container Office


4) The Designed Container House



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